About the Staff

Catherine Pelicano

Co-founder, Managing Editor

Catherine Pelicano (23) is from a family of eight siblings. She became interested in the topics of human dignity and Christ-centered womanhood after attending a youth conference in high school. As Managing Editor of Dignitas Magazine, Catherine gets to combine her passion for these topics with her love of the written word. Apart from Dignitas and her job as a K4 Teacher’s Aid, Catherine enjoys cooking, running, and all things British.

Abby Pelicano

Co-founder, Creative Director

A graphic designer and photographer in the upstate of South Carolina, Abby (25) has been remarkably blessed to collaborate with her sister to create Dignitas Magazine. She shares a passion for spreading the truth about the dignity of the human person—particularly to women—and prays that it will be an aid on the path to holiness and unity with our Lord Jesus Christ. When away from the computer she is probably swing dancing, hiking Table Rock Mountain or absorbed in a classic black and white movie.

14 thoughts on “About the Staff

    • Currently we are only publishing online so you can just drop us an email at DignitasMagazine.com and we’ll send you updates on upcoming issues. With lots of donations and prayers are hoping to get it to press one day, but for now, it’s only online. Thank you!

  1. Do you accept unsolicitied articles? I am about to be published in VOICES and am seeking other venues suited to Catholic Women and our destiny.

  2. What are your guidelines for submitting articles to your magazine? What type of articles are you interested in publishing?

  3. Hi, I’m writing from Costa Rica! some days ago I found this amazing magazine and I just loved it ! It has been a difficult job to find good catholic reads for young women even worst if you try to look for something in spanish anyway I love this. I would like to have something similar in spanish, I’m pretty sure girls here would enjoy it.

    Thanks for this great job!

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