Dignitas Update

Dear Dignitas Readers,

The creation of Dignitas Magazine over a year ago came about during a unique season in our lives. At the time we were just two single girls working part-time jobs, available and eager to serve the Church in some way. In response to the urgent need we saw in our society for women to hear the message of their innate dignity and beauty, we (rather ambitiously) decided to pool our individual skills and availability and take a stab at producing an online magazine. We were blessed to encounter several other Catholic women in our local parish who were similarly disposed and who generously offered their time and talents to get Dignitas off the ground.

During this past year a great deal has changed in our lives and the lives of our staff. Many of us have moved on to new and more demanding seasons, thereby limiting our availability to create and produce new magazine issues. These new circumstances have brought Dignitas to a crossroads.

After prayerful discernment we’ve decided to put our quarterly production of Dignitas on hold.

We remain open to whatever God may have in store for the future of Dignitas, and as that future becomes more clear we will share details on our Facebook page.

We’ve always considered Dignitas to be a tool for God to use however He chose and for however long. Even if we are no longer able to produce Dignitas we hope that our small efforts might “plant some seeds” and encourage our readers to use their unique talents to serve the Church in the particular way they feel called. Be assured, Christ is eager to work beautiful things in His Church through His faithful!

Finally, to everyone who has supported Dignitas this past year with their time, talent, treasure and—above all—prayers, we offer our humble thanks.

In Him,

Catherine & Abby Pelicano

14 thoughts on “Dignitas Update

  1. Hi I would like to know Im also a church going woman and trying to write a magazine I wondered if you can help me? What program did you use to write your magazine with?

  2. Sorry to hear this, as I looked forward to reading it, not only for me by for my daughters and grand-daughters.
    Thank-you for all you have done and will continue to do to spread God’s word in print.

  3. God bless you in all your youthful endeavors. And you are right, who knows what ideas you may have planted in
    the hearts and minds of your readers and our families! God bless! You are in our prayers!

  4. Great. We as women of God are supposed to evolve. I am an ob gyn-delivered babies x 17 yrs ; worked 8-2pm then dropped Ob as I had my own four children and a husband to take care of and worked 7am -1pm for many hrs three days a week so that I could pick my own kids from school.

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  5. So as you manage jobs. Husbands and children. Etc. keep The Lord in the center and you will be fine

    Dr Mary J Kotob

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    • Thank you for the reminder and encouragement, Mary. We know that God is hard at work crafting this new season in our lives, and we’re eager to see what He has in store. God bless you and yours!

  6. Hi Catherine and Abby,

    I was so sorry to discover that for the moment, there will be no more issues of *Dignitas Magazine*, as I had been quite excited to read your latest issue. But! At the same time, I completely understand and am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of your journey. Your magazine was absolutely beautiful and truly inspirational to read. It is so awesome to know there are other young, Catholic women striving to glorify their lives for God in a very similar manner as my own, and know that you have definitely planted some pretty powerful seeds :-)

    I really do understand if you don’t want to do this, but as the founder and editor of http://www.youngcatholicwomen.com/, I wanted to see if you would pass our site along to all of your fans. When my best friend first discovered your magazine, she told me, “Look Kristin, this magazine reminds me of YCW so much!” And I think she’s right! At least, we seem to have a very similar spiritual outlook, and I would be honored if our posts could be as awesome as your articles…

    …So I wanted to see if you would mind giving us a shout out. I think (hope) it would be a great way for other young, Catholic women to continue having a spiritual resource in their lives, and since YCW is non-profit as well, any extra shout outs are greatly appreciated :-)

    Thanks so much for your consideration, and I’m excited to hear from you. Best of luck getting on track w/ God’s transitioning path, and I hope you’ve had an awesome St. Patrick’s weekend!!

    Sincerely, Kristin DeSutter

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