Spring 2012 – First Issue of Dignitas Magazine!

26 thoughts on “Spring 2012 – First Issue of Dignitas Magazine!

  1. I absolutely love the content and the pictures in your magazine. I shared it on facebook for my friends to check it out. Thank you. What a great idea!

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL! What a great job! I came upon your magazine through a blog on Catholic Vote and I’ll be passing this along to my wife, daughter, sister, mother, and every other Catholic woman I know. Keep up the great work!!

  3. Oh my goodness! A friend of mine shared the link to this site with me, and I am blown away. I absolutely adore this magazine – as a teenager growing up in this completely secular culture, it’s so wonderful to see something like this. It gives me a lot of hope for the future.

    Thank you for everything you’re doing here! I will definitely be sharing this with all of my friends. :)

  4. Heard about your mag on Catholic radio. I’ve browsed through it and think it’s great! I know it’s only your first issue but I wanted to ‘put a bug in your ear’ that I’d love to see a similar magazine written for the pre-teen/early teen crowd… say, ages 9-13?

  5. Thank you sooooooo much for doing this! This is exactly what I’ve needed and looked for, but couldn’t find before now. After getting the link from a friend, my sister and I read the entire thing. :) I would love to see this in print and promoted at parish youth groups. Thank you and God bless you in your work!

  6. Prayers for your continued Good work . This is so refreshing and inspiring plan to padd
    It on to all thw woman and young adults i know . GOD BLESS

  7. Excellent job ladies! Saw the article in the paper and had to check out the website for myself. I want to encourage you, Abby and Catherine to keep up the great work. In a society where purity is laughed at, this magazine is an inspiration. Mary, I’ve always known you will do great things. Whatever path you follow, I’ll be cheering for you. Hope you all are well, God Bless!

  8. Found you through a friends FB page! LOVE all of the articles! Thank you so much! I am going to tell all my girlfriends! :)

  9. Thank you so much for making this magazine! As a teenager, most magazines I see at the store or other women’s/girls’ homes have the front cover picturing a model’s body, with about 90% of their skin showing, “You are too fat/unhealthy/unappealing” ads, etc. Every woman sees these somewhere. So it’s like a breath of fresh, cool air to see something that isn’t an occasion of sin to open up.

    One thing I was wondering about—while I liked your “fashion” section very much, there is no mention of how that particular outfit was acquired, what store(s) the pieces of clothing are from. It would really help me, and I’m sure several of my friends, if there was a list of modest-clothing websites or shops where one could find the stylish and modest outfits modeled. Thank you again. I hope to see this printed and available at Churches all over the place sometime in the near future.

    • Shelbie,

      Those same frustrations you mentioned about mainstream women’s magazines are what prompted us to start Dignitas, so we definitely understand where you’re coming from!

      Thanks for your feedback about our fashion section, we’ll keep it in mind as we plan our winter issue. Also, starting soon we’re going to be sharing links on our Facebook page about where to find chic and modest clothes. (you may even see a few giveaways from time to time;)

      God bless,
      Catherine P.

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